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Teaching Statement

Business School Professor of Practice Teaching  Faculty

The synopsis of my approach to teaching may be described as an endeavor to effectively communicate the course subject matter in alignment with its specific student learning outcomes, while at the same time striving to ensure that the student engages this subject matter in a manner that captures its content within a holistic conceptualization of what is an education and the purpose of it; no matter how specific, intricately quantitative or nebulously abstract the said subject matter might be.

Whatever the subject area, it is important to me that I not only carry the students along, but that I also devise ways to maintain their engagement, stoke their curiosity and communicate the subject material in a way that leaves them eager for the next class. I also aim to ensure that the student is able to make a connection between the subject matter and how it relates to contemporary real-world procedures, tasks and outcomes, and dissuade them from the approach of a rote memorization of formulas and processes. In order to achieve these, I put energies into helping the student adopt a posture of adequately understanding the subject topics from their conceptual bases and then, on that foundation, build up to the subject’s specific intricacies of quantitative and intellectual rigor and complexity. To this purpose, I like to incorporate case studies alongside academic textbook material, so as to bring a real-world context into the classroom.

In practical terms, this orientation usually involves guiding the student to cultivate and nurture a group of consequential skills and mindsets essential to the purpose, and which I believe a college education must deliver: critical thinking and analytical reasoning; the ability to handle ambiguity; a sense and appreciation of the big picture; a life-long, enduring curiosity and disposition of active learning; intellectual humility; mindfulness and reflection; a global mindset and perspective; the cultivation of a sense of responsible leadership and inclusivity; a striving for excellence; and the determination to leave a positive impact on one’s surroundings and persons we interact with. I am passionately wedded to the premise that the university student should be provided with an education, not merely an instruction in their particular fields or subjects, no matter how specific or utilitarian these fields or subjects might be.

All of this inevitably requires, on my part, a continuous habit of initiative and innovation: finding imaginative ways to communicate the course material such that it would be at once engaging and effective. The process would also need be dynamic, as it is my firm belief that each semester’s group of students is different to the preceding semester’s and cannot be treated as though it were another batch in a factory floor production process. It means I must consequently find the needed effective ways to reach and motivate the new and - for all purposes - unique group sat in front of me.

To help achieve this, I undertake - as far as is possible - to tailor my teaching to meet the needs of the individual student by identifying their unique talents as well as their areas for growth. My delivery emphasizes conceptual learning and critical thinking, using relevant and responsive material to drive the curriculum. It is crucial that I support my students by accommodating their different learning styles and their different personal contexts and backgrounds. Through a coursework that is deliberately rigorous and challenging, I aim to reinforce for the students just how capable and competent they are and to impresses upon them my commitment to work with them until they confidently master the course material.

Ultimately, my unwavering mantra to my students is, “You can change the world!”; I describe my methods and approach associated with this in a presentation↗︎ (8m 40s) made to a gathering of university faculty in a 2021 Transformational Teaching and Learning Conference. Beyond the academic focus, I work to ensure that each student retains a strong sense of self and to encourage them to embrace a lifelong dogged and resilient ethical orientation to their personal life and work. A more detailed description of teaching innovations and adaptations that I devise, employ, and continuously review towards achieving these goals is contained in my curriculum vitae document.

• • •

Subjects taught so far, some at both undergraduate and graduate levels; in-person, online and hybrid formats:

  • International Business (also incorporating Business Strategy)

  • Macroeconomic Environment of Business

  • Managerial Economics

  • International Finance

  • Financial Management

  • Corporate Finance

  • Business Ethics

  • Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs

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