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Professional Profile

Business School Professor of Practice Teaching  Faculty

Doctorate in Business Administration  -  University of Rhode Island, RI (in progress; 2026)

MBA  -  IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain

MS Economics  -  Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

BS Civil Engineering  -  University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Certificate in Quantitative Modeling  -  the Wharton School, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Lived and worked in three continents: Europe, Africa, North America. At ease in different cultures and work environments. Multicultural and multilingual: five fluent languages including English and Spanish, plus a rudimentary knowledge of Latin and French. Led and managed multiethnic and multinational interdisciplinary teams across countries. Currently associate professor of practice in finance at Babson College. Keen volunteer and mentor: decades of active involvement with NGOs in projects for the less fortunate; decades experience mentoring students and young professionals.


Accumulated international management experience in diverse industry sectors during a 25+ years professional career: business and management consulting, finance, economic development, executive business education, media, nonprofits, technology. Responsibilities included: business development; financial, market and industry analysis; business analysis; data deployment; strategy; marketing; corporate relations; research; stakeholder engagement; customer service; organizational change. Led and managed small and large multinational teams, at various times across different countries. Galvanized the team members’ different individual talents, personalities and perspectives, while enthusiastically directing these towards a shared set of objectives. In consequence, the teams stood out and were acknowledged for their harmony and strength of will. Mentored and developed young managers who have themselves gone on to chart successful professional trajectories of their own.

Pioneered new methods for various procedures and processes to achieve greater efficiencies, several of which continue to be used by the respective organizations. In the course of this career approach (ie. a constant quest for solutions and efficiencies; a proactive problem anticipation stance; a continuous curiosity and an active learning disposition) authored several publications, including, among other books, a volume on select emerging economies and their markets, which currently serves as  a resource for companies in over twenty-two countries around the world; this work has been adapted to become an academic textbook↗︎ on the subject of development economics. Another publication is a business case study↗︎ that is managed and distributed internationally across hundreds of business schools and universities by the world’s oldest and largest repository of case studies - The Case Centre↗︎, United Kingdom; it explores the global expansion strategies of two of the world’s largest automotive industry multinationals. Publications portfolio also includes a co-authored peer-reviewed academic paper↗︎ in an engineering journal (Elsevier); hundreds of op-eds spanning themes as diverse as philosophy, literature, business, economics; etc.

Approach to the varied industry career roles may be characterized as riven with a continuous quest for improved outcomes by forward-thinking and not being afraid to explore avant-garde, cutting edge methods, even when these would have to be self-developed. This has almost always necessitated a stubborn personal doggedness and an imperative to effectively secure the buy-in of other parties involved, in the face of proposed, sometimes uncomfortable, change. The practice has helped entrench personal traits of perseverance and resoluteness when faced with the inevitable obstacles, difficulties or failure.

Intellectual and professional competences have received enthusiastic endorsements↗︎ from prestigious quarters around the world, including at the Financial Times (UK), the AACSB (USA), INSEAD Business School (France), The Economist (UK), London Business School (UK), etc. Among these sources is a professional who holds the joint record for the longest serving member of cabinet in the United Kingdom government in the 20th century, Baroness Lynda Chalker↗︎.

Among other awards: Chevening Scholarship, Government of the United Kingdom (1998); International Citizen Scholarship, HULT Business School (2012).  Also honored to have been keynote and guest speaker at various professional gatherings. More about these and other works may be seen on a personal website↗︎.


Spent the years since 2019 as a member of the Professor of Practice teaching faculty at Mays Business School, Texas A&M University, and Babson College, Massachusetts, teaching a range of business courses, both in-person and online, and sometimes in a hybrid of the two formats. Some of these are: International Business, Macroeconomic Environment of Business, Managerial Economics, International Finance, Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Business Ethics, etc; several at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Been responsible for curriculum development, faculty-led study abroad initiatives and several service assignments, a number of which have been personal initiatives.

Without a doubt, this academic segment has been the most fulfilling phase of a 30+ years working career.  Have further honed a strong talent for expressing complex material in ways that are easy to understand, and that are at the same time engaging. Constantly discover how prior experience across diverse industry sectors and in varied roles provides a rare versatility at teaching different subjects of a business curriculum to a high standard. Continuously also discover valuable (and humbling) repercussions to this ability: students (of their own volition) communicate that they are motivated and inspired, and that they leave with a greater and more secure confidence and sense of self, besides the deeper understanding of the specific course material.

Oblivious to it, these students illustrate the ways - no matter how small - in which an instructor is able to positively contribute to the development of another human person. In so doing, the students - again obliviously - teach priceless lessons about how much one inexorably learns from the group of young and eager minds in one’s classroom. These are but some of the invaluable joys that work in academia brings, and a reason it is a privilege to have a university career for an occupation.

• • •

(A byword on data: A love for data and data analysis has long played an important role here. Excited to make sense out of numbers; fascinated to see how business and economic data can suddenly transform from a hodgepodge of numbers into a telling picture once one devises the right analytical framework: ie. the effective metrics, analysis methodology, etc. The numbers tell a story, and the insight into this helps the development of compelling, synthesized, final recommendations and work plans.

It is critical thinking and painstaking, analytical drudgery because one first has to understand the situation, its trends and dynamics, and then determine how to engage it: what parameters, what frames; what is consequential and what trifling. A cardinal principle always worked into my projects - and which has earned them international praise - is to break things down to the simplest levels attainable: complicated set-ups often are a sign that a true reading of the situation has not been achieved.)

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