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An exploration of the traits that constantly rate the Brazos Valley area of Texas (home to Texas A&M University) as a rewarding destination for international business investment. (Excerpts)

You can change the world

A presentation at the Transformational Teaching & Learning Conference for university faculty, sharing some pedagogical methods in my teaching style that have proven effective in enhancing student inclusion, engagement and motivation.

Interview: Global mindset

"How do you work toward a common good? Tony Okoromadu talks through unique stories from his early life, how he teaches his students a global mindset, and how you can create an immeasurable impact on those around you."

"Shards of Memory"

Pecha Kucha 20x20: "Random everyday objects and events that prompt a throwback to some experience in Tony Okoromadu's life, provoking deeper introspection than would have been expected."

Business in Africa

London, UK, 2010. Quite possibly the most exhaustive comparative socio-economic study yet done on Sub-Saharan Africa's 48 country-economies.

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